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About Us

Clarity of Vision, Creativity of Strategy & Conscientiousness of Execution!

All individuals and organizations have the seeds of high potential in them. Our humble task as learning consultants is to open you up to your own brilliance.

Developing People and Organizations since 2001.

our strategy

We at Inner Sun believe that every individual and every organization is a living system.

At any given moment in this living system, there are three dimensions continuously at play.  

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The first is the dynamism that is innate, congenital, and embedded. In an individual, it is sometimes referred to as nature or personality; in a business organization, it may be referred to as “work culture”.  

The second dynamism is the one that exists outside of this system and is of many forms; the way that it is often referred to is as the environment, the economy, or the ecology.

The third, the most vibrant, with a high potential to influence the inner and the outer dynamisms, is the dynamics of the process between the internal and external systems.  It is the process of combustion between what is and what is possible. This is where innovation and change is carved out. This is where a new life and a new world is born. The drivers of this intermediate dynamism are awareness, intelligence, emotion, memory, and action.

Inner Sun, the organization, focuses its own awareness, intelligence, and action towards this intermediary dynamism in all its endeavors and interventions.  The guiding elements behind our endeavors and interventions are:

Clarity of thought, words, and action;

Creativity of design, approach, and strategy; and

Conscientiousness of purpose and ultimate objectives.

Thinking free of bias and mental hammerlocks leads to higher clarity, creativity, and conscientiousness. As individuals and organizations strive for that status, their intelligences expand, interests broaden, and achievements soar.