Zoom Out, Zoom In!

On September 2, at an online interview, I was asked to express my perspective of the not-so-current crisis that the world is going through. The exact question by motivational speaker and host of the night, Boom San Agustin of the Philippines, was “how do you address people who like in this pandemic (COVID-19) right now are feeling that really is not that abundant?”  The point in consideration at that time was that this life, this world is a rare and once-in-a-lifetime gift and we can go out and get what we want in this life.

My response: Not that I don’t wonder about why life has become so tough and why are we going through this crisis. But, then again, I am cognizant of the fact that I am viewing life from where I am, from where I am standing at and which is right in the midst of the commotion, the chaos and the crisis caused by COVID-19. What if I were be able to raise myself up and view the world from 25,000 feet in the sky. What if I were able to expand my time-line and look back at the world today from 1,000 years into the future. How would that feel? What will I be able to see and assess? Will this current crisis look the way it looks to me now? My host shook his head negatively and smiled.

The earth in its millions of years of existence has gone through thousands of crises like quakes, eruptions, tsunamis etc. Being human, being mighty and puny at the same time, we unfortunately lack such largeness of perspectives and the magnanimity of calmness and confidence within us. In such cases we need to trust the universe, we need to trust the fact that all things that happen have a reason. Some reasons are created by our puny and self-serving selves while there are other reasons that may have created us. Looking at the world from a space that is far up into the sky and from a time that is far out into the future it becomes easy to believe that, surely, this will come to pass. Like back in 1927, Max Ehrmann said in his classic poem, Desiderata, “And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”

Thankfully this is an abundant world and we have been abundantly provided with the gift of imagination and integration of ideas such that we can mentally zoom out 25,000 feet into the skies and zoom in to today from 1,000 years into the future and look at our state kindly and compassionately.

These are big issues and zooming out and zooming in gives us new perspectives. It allows us to reflect deeper with kindness and be able to march on ahead, enjoy the gift of life and help essential creation and nature to flourish, to bloom and hope and strive onto a better tomorrow.

My practice in life has been that every time I am faced with a challenge or a crisis, I take in the big picture, I take in the long-term view and then I put my shoulder against the boulder of obstruction and nudge it forward inch by inch towards my little and big goals in life.

You can watch the question raised by Boom San Agustin at 10 minutes into the interview and you can also hear about how yard by yard, success is hard and how inch by inch it is cinch at 30 minutes here at Five InSights to THRIVE interview.

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The video clip of “Five InSights to THRIVE” at The Leader’s EDGE, 2020