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Tue, Sep 01,2020 01:10 AM — 02:10 AM PST
701 Metropolitan Ave 701 Metropolitan Terraces, Metropolitan Avenue Makati, Metro Manila 1200

A deep, interactive dive into how change drivers and business leaders keep their armies encouraged and empowered.

The world today has exploded into the virtual domain where people live half their lives stuck to their smartphones and laptops; where social and business interactions do not just thrive but are being devoured into the digital space.

A part of us wants to ride these waves of disruption and then there is a part that yearns to stay real, intuitive and humane. How can we as the creators of this chaos and this future connect authentically with others, collaborate creatively and contribute through true compassion? How do we influence to evolve into better individuals, communities and a better world?

In this session, Raju Mandhyan will usher you into an experience to elate you towards brighter horizons of leadership.


  1. Acquire true trust with all stakeholders and audiences authentically.
  2. Engage with them at deeper levels of values and beliefs.
  3. Generate a shared vision with grace, gravitas and compassion through chaos and disruptions.

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