Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs: Five Ferocious Insights that Bark Out Success in Entrepreneurship!



The cognitive business skills for starting, running, and succeeding at a business venture can be gleaned from books and learned from business schools. But there is no entity that can equip an entrepreneurial candidate with what economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter rather romantically described, back in 1912, as “the will to conquer, the dream and the will to found a private kingdom, and the joy of creating, of getting things done.”

Most successful entrepreneurs do discover and master the science behind: “the will to conquer, the dream and the will to found a private kingdom, and the joy of creating, of getting things done.” But only after going through the school of hard knocks, failing many times, suffering excruciating pain, and paying an enormous price.

If you are yet to experience this joy of creating and getting things done, yet to live the dream and exercise the will to build a private kingdom, holding back from fear of failure, possible pain, or an unwanted price then this book is guaranteed to get you off that lukewarm zone of indecisiveness filled with fear and anxiety.

It will stir up your will and incite you to blaze a trail of action and success.

It will, assuredly, ignite the fire in your belly such that people from far and wide will come watch you burn!


“Without doubt one of the best books I’ve read on the subject on entrepreneurship. Raju uncovers  the traits of successful entrepreneurs and draws powerful with the tenacity of pit bulls. My favorite  parts were the countless case studies and such fun, entertaining stories. A must-read!
-Akash Karia, Author of TED Talks Storytelling: 23 Storytelling Techniques from TED Talks

“Raju has put together a perfect blend of wit, experience and clarity of message to share with you his five ferocious reflections on being an entrepreneur: identity, intelligence, imagination, integrity and intention. Ferocious indeed– as you will see when you read the book. As a master storyteller, he tells you stories of success in a way that compels you to read on. But more than that, as an entrepreneur, he reflects on these stories and has conversations with you about them. His conclusions and suggestions– lessons all– make this book truly essential reading. Entertaining, empowering and educational!
If you are looking for inspiration or guidance — read Pit Bulls & Entreprenuers. “
-Ashok Nath, Chairman, Exedra Events, Philippines

“A simple, no-nonsense treatise on how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Stories weaved in with Raju’s wit and style make you want to read it again and again. “
-Mohan Phadke, International Consultant and Guest Faculty at IIM, Ahmedabad, India

“When I first heard Raju present his “Pit Bulls and Entrepreneurs” speech in front of an entire auditorium of college students, I was immediately blown away. P & E showcased entrepreneurship in a unique and entertaining way. I believe that being an entrepreneur is more of a calling than a career; and by comparing entrepreneurs with pit bulls, Raju made it easier for his audience to relate to his sometimes misinterpreted calling. I was so impressed with this material that I immediately asked Raju if I could use it in one of my seminars. Graciously, as always, Raju gave me his permission. When I found out later that Raju was actually writing a book about his “Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs” speech, I immediately asked him for a copy(and believe me, I would have been willing to pay for it). I was not disappointed. Reading the book, I realized that he had actually added a lot more insights to it. I thought that, because I teach entrepreneurship, I knew all there was to know about the subject. Raju, through his insightful book, proved me wrong. I loved the speech, but I loved the book even more.
Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurship is a must for would-be and seasoned entrepreneurs. I learned a lot from it, and I’m sure that whoever reads it will learn a lot about what it takes to be a success in business”
-Boom San Agustin, Founder & Senior Consultant, BSA Consulting

“The insights shared and gained from this little gem of a book will not only inform a business plan, but one’s plan for life as well. The parallels that Raju draws in this book echo an integrative wisdom about the value of work, relationship and life itself.”
-Mon Garcia, Organizational Development Consultant