the HeART of Humor: Tales and Techniques for a Creatively Funnier you at Home and at Work!



Powerful and profound insights into what exactly humor is and backed by tales and techniques which, after practice, will make you a better observer of things, an acute and sensitive listener, a clearer and a faster thinker; an entertaining host and speaker and finally an all-around happy and wholesome person to be with.


“Laughter is like magic – it comes and goes.  Give it away as it comes; and the whole world will be laughingly with you – as this book has humanly outlined.”
Rosalina O. Fuentes,  Ph D., The  Laughing  Dean,  SAIDI School of OD

“Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on one’s bottom …never loose perceptive.”
-Donna Hickey – MBA, International Professional Speaker, Chicago, IIlinois.

“Components of humor ripped apart so that even comedians can re-assemble their stuff funnier and faster.”
Leo Martinez, Actor and Comedian, Philippines

“Practical tools and suggestions to dispense humor on demand.”
Ajay Gupta, Astrum Solutions, India

“It’s funny but humor really works and I should know!  Learn, laugh and lead with “the Heart of Humor”.”
Scott Friedman, Motivational Humorist.

“For years, I had a hard time figuring out humor and using it. Your book simplifies and makes it practical. I have been waiting for this book all my life, now I carry it with me whenever I train or speak.”
DTM Dina Loomis, Trainer, Asian Speaker Bureau, Philippines.

“Full of fun and foibles that make you ponder, explore and grow!”
Janice Hung, Model, Actress and Tai Chi Athlete

“I’ve seen Raju make his audiences roll on the floor laughing. In this books he shows and tells how.”
– Bjorn Martinoff, Fortune 100 Coach

“Mandhyan has been able to take painful scenarios and play with them to create humor.  And, he walks the talk!”
Allie Mooney, APS, Most Humorous and Entertaining Speaker,  Year 2006, National Speakers Association of New Zealand 

“Clear, sensitive and a delight! Through vivid stories and accessible strategies, Mandhyan wittily persuades how anyone can and should churn out humor for a more vibrant existence.”
Sunita S. Mukhi, Stony Brook University, New York

“Up against the WALL? Read this book, it will open doors where none existed.”
Mohan M Phadke, Consultant, Pune, India