the HeART of Public Speaking: Mind Map your Way into the Head, the HeART and the Humor behind Public Speaking



Pubic speaking is not just about standing and speaking eloquently to a large group of people. It is about ripping open your heart and inspiring the world with what lies in it. It is about giving clarity to your visions, creativity to your strategies and driving conscientious and constructive action.

This interactive book helps you use the free wheeling technique of Mind Mapping to help you research, write and deliver powerful speeches.


“Public Speaking is one of the greatest ways to express yourself, help others and make a powerful contribution to the world.  Raju Mandhyan makes his contribution to you with this remarkable new book. Study it carefully. Then use what you learn to make YOUR own powerful and lasting contribution.”
-Ron Kaufman,   bestselling author,  “UP Your Service!”

“All three facets, listening, thinking, and speaking, are amply covered. You will never have to be afraid to tackle any engagement after reading this book.”
-Carol Carreon Smith; Former CEO, Bayantrade, Philippines

“Don’t open this book…unless you are…
Passionately Resourcing, Enthusiastically Sensing, Eagerly Noticing, That Incessantly Nagging Genius through Your.     Outstanding. Uniqueness.”
-Dilip Mukerjea, Singapore; Author of “The Creative Brain Series”

“Raju’s mentoring skills brought out the Champion in me. This book will bring out the public speaker hidden within you.”
-Jess Liwanag, Broadcaster, Melbourne; National Public Speaking Champion of the Philippines, 2002

“I am thrilled that Raju is sharing all his insights to make Effective Communication a Worldwide Reality. I will refer to this book often to guide me as a speaker and leader.”
-DTM Michael Angelo Chua; District Governor, 2005, Philippines’ Toastmasters