Mind Mapping 2020


As a business leader or professional operating in the 21st century it is a continuing challenge to develop your competencies and raise standards of excellence. Any insight, application or a system that holds the potential to increase your personal capacity and professionalism become a valuable discovery. 

The technology of Mind Mapping is designed to unleash you from linear, limited and plain logical thinking. Mind Mapping converts individuals and organizations into dynamos of creativity and innovation.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand Principles of Whole Brain Thinking
  2. Imbibe the Laws and Benefits of Mind Mapping®.
  3. Idea Generation and Brain-storming
  4. Draw, read and write Mind Maps
  5. Organize and structure thoughts creatively.
  6. Apply Mind Mapping to presentations, planning and negotiating
  7. Improve short-term and long-term memory with consistent practice.

Learning Content

  1. Mind Mapping®
  2. The Theory, Definition and the Origins
  3. The Laws of Mind Mapping®
  4. How to Read, Draw and Use Mind  Mapping®
  5. The Benefits of Mind Mapping®
  6. Make Presentations using Mind Mapping
  7. Write a Book, also available on Thinkific, as an online, self-paced program.


!00% hands on practice with coaching.