Cross Cultural Communications

If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level…this workshop will bring you there!


The world has been fast-flattening for decades now and the rules to succeed in business, though level have become more challenging.    Global leadership knowhow now is not just a trend but a necessary set of beliefs and competencies that every executive person needs to acquire. Beliefs, behaviors and business results as we all know are intricately woven into each other.

In this research influenced and high-octane interaction, discover and employ principles and practices that will help you unleash potential from people of diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Walk away with insights into assessing people correctly and then connecting, engaging and influencing them ethically and ecologically. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore and understand Cultural Dimensions
  2. Identify the depths of task based vs. relationship cultures.
  3. Communicate effectively with people from low or high context cultures
  4. Practice delegating, negotiating and providing feedback across diverse groups
  5. Expand your global management skills in the Philippines


 15% lecture, 15% live and audio-visual demonstrations, 40% small and big group practice, 30% corrective feedback. Final practice, upon request, can be captured on video and will be submitted with key suggestions for improvement.


Module 1: Culture, Definitions and Dimensions 

Module 2: Five Values of Relationship Based Cultures / Philippines

Module 3: Communications, Low Context and High Context with Focus on Non-verbals.

Module 4: Delegating, Negotiating & Giving Feedback for Results

Module 5: Increasing Team and Organizational Effectiveness by Example


  1. This one-day course will simplify the concepts, load you with easy and effective methods to understand your own mind-sets, assess others empathetically and create win-win outcomes through all mediums-across boundaries and across mindsets.

    If you…

    • work with people of a different culture and across borders.
    • are challenged assessing, communicating and providing feedback.
    • want to understand, deal with and lead them proactively.

    …then this workshop is for you!

Target Audience

Managers in the Business Process Outsourcing industries. Managers who are up for International Postings. Expat executives who have been recently posted to the Philippines. All others who work across borders and cultures virtually.