Entrepreneurship Essentials Masterclass (Pit Bulls)

If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level…this workshop will bring you there!


The cognitive business skills for starting, running and succeeding at a business venture can be understood from a book and learned from schools of business but there is no entity that can impart and equip an entrepreneurial candidate with what economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter rather romantically described back in 1912,  as “the will to conquer,” “the dream and the will to found a private kingdom,” and “the joy of creating, of getting things done.”

Most successful entrepreneurs do discover and master this joy of creating, getting things done and being masters of their own little domain, but the price they have to pay and the pain they go through can become humongous and excruciating.

This workshop will cut down the travails of your travel from where you are to where you want to go as an entrepreneur.

Learning Objectives

  1. Know what it takes to start a business.
  2. Assess personal potentials and passion correctly.
  3. Research market needs with precision.
  4. Generate ideas for value-propositions, branding and business modelling.
  5. Learn the administrative requirements of starting or sustaining an enterprise.
  6. Write a detailed business, marketing, financial and operations plan.
  7. Launch a business.


20% lecture, 20% case studies, 20% group brainstorming, 20% plan writing and                               20% coaching and feedback. 100% empowering and entertaining.


You will learn.

Target Audience

All those who want to start a brand new business, diversify or expand their current businesses.