Mentoring with Authentic Influence©

If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level…this workshop will bring you there!


Mentoring is a crucial process in an organization’s talent development and knowledge transferring journey. Constructive, appreciative and meaningful mentoring supports new initiatives, improves engagement and positively impacts company culture.

Mentoring others constructively requires basic understanding of how adults learn, how to build and sustain trust, provide feedback and meaningfully motivate overall development of individuals and teams.

This one-day interaction for ADGT, Philippines is designed to be easily insightful and largely experiential.


Learning Objectives

  1. Define and describe Mentoring
  2. Differentiate between teaching, mentoring, coaching, advising and counselling.
  3. Identify roles and responsibilities of Mentors and Mentees
  4. Build rapport and the ambiance to catalyze learning.
  5. Uncover strengths appreciatively and reinforce talent
  6. Open up to providing feedback constructively.
  7. Sustain your mentoring profile and build long-term relationships with teams.


The workshop is 70% practice in small and large groups with continuous one on one feedback. The 30% lecture is to put across the principles and practices of Authentic Mentoring up a treasure trove fueled with powerful tactics for anyone wanting to excel in public speaking.” J.T. Zhang & Co. Inc.


You will learn.