Problem Solving and Decision Making with Mind Mapping


Business destinies are designed by the decisions its leaders take every single day. Future-focused leaders who know how to maximize the powers of whole-brain thinking take their business to staggering heights day by day. To make critical decisions and to lead, they know, is a matter of diving into the deeper and creative recesses of their own thinking.

One essential facet of creative and critical thinking is to work through a large quantity of data and then zero in on quality solutions. Recent researches in neuroscience and neuropsychology place mind mapping as the ultimate tool and technology to think and decide with massive excellence. In this work creative thinking guru, Raju Mandhyan will work you through to become more creative and make business decisions with precision and power.

Learning Objectives

  1. Master divergent and convergent thinking through Mind Mapping
  2. Research date and uncover root causes to problems with precision.
  3.  Augment decision-making capacities and risk-taking abilities of individuals and teams.


This session will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes discussions, presentations and mini-exercises


Module 1

  • Uncovering our decision making habits 
  • What makes for powerful, productive decisions
  • The Neuroscience behind Left, Right and Whole Brain Thinking
  • Discovering the creativity behind
  • Convergent and Divergent Thinking


Module 2

  • Mind Mapping, the What, the Why and the How
  • The Guidelines to Mind Mapping productively
  • Individual Practice Session 1: Your first Mind Map

Module 3

  • Testing the relevance and the Benefits of Mind Mapping
  • Paired Practice Session 2: A Binary-mode Mind Map for Decision Making


Module 4

  • Intellectual decision making through large data and analysis.
  • Integrating cognitive and emotional intelligence for decision making 
  • Practice Session 3, in Triads: Solving a Business Challenge using MM as a tool.


Module 5

  • Working through complex business challenges as a team.
  • Deciding when choices and resources are limited.
  • Increasing individual and team risk-taking capabilities.

Practice Session 4, in Teams: Convincing your stake-holders and selling your idea/decisions using Mind Mapping


In this course, your organization will be able to:

  • Incur lesser number of business bottlenecks and losses.
  • Predict future issues and set up sustainable preventive measures.
  • Save time and money through effective decision making by leaders.

 In this course, your participants will be able to:

  • Master the ability to employ whole brain thinking through the technology of Mind Mapping; and
  • Acquire increased leadership competencies through higher exposure and experience to challenges.

Resolve problems and take effective decisions consistently.

Target Audience

This session is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit executives from the finance, manufacturing and the service industries.