The HeART of HUMOR, Masterclass

If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level…this workshop will bring you there!


Laughter, we all know has several mental and health benefits. Trainers and speakers across the world use laughter as a major rapport building tool.

Though a lot of it works at the communication level and works better when it is spontaneous, the need arises in converting humor into a practice-able skill in all other social and work interactions.

This highly interactive workshop will enhance every participant’s humor quotient and equip them with real time tools to convert their workplaces and homes into places of fun, camaraderie and
increased productivity.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what good, clean humor is.
  2. Recognize the elements that differentiate humor from sarcasm and pranks.
  3. List the psychological and physical benefits of humor and laughter.
  4. Develop an eye for finding humor in day to day interactions
  5. Apply humor for rapport building and interactivity in communications.
  6. Engage and enthrall all kinds of audiences, rapidly.
  7. Master 7 techniques to instill humor into most communications.
  8. Convert all skills at humor into an attitude and a way of life.
  9. Lead with humility, and with lightness of heart.


Crazy, Riotuous, Interactive and yet thought-provoking and extremely insightful. The workshop releases the natural humorist in you through written and oral exercises.


You will learn.

  1. Your Humor Quotient; A Test
  2. Humility, Creativity and Humor a comparative study
  3. Leadership, the Open Loop Nature of man & Emotional Intelligence
  4. Multiple Benefits of Humor and Laughter
  5. The Quality, the Sensitivity and how to Time Humor
  6. Finding Humor and Re-packaging it continuously
  7. Delivering Benign Humor with Impact and Alacrity
  8. Seven, fail-proof, Techniques for being Funny

Target Audience

Managers and Leaders who have to speak, present, host, facilta and those who believe that humor, humility and leadership are