The HeART of Public Speaking, Masterclass

If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level…this workshop will bring you there!


Now and from times immemorial, the one kill that makes a person stand out,
succeed and create change is his ability to transfer information and knowledge with clarity, to persuade effectively and to inspire with wit and eloquence is a sure-fire way of evolving from an executive to a world-class leader.

At this highly interactive and intensive workshop, you will learn to be a clear,
concise and a compelling speaker. Using the principles of Mind Mapping®, you will learn to analyze needs and characteristics, develop deep rapport and scintillate audiences.

If you want to speak with eloquence and extemporaneously with high impact then this workshop is for you!

Learning Objectives

  1. Audience analysis and Mind Mapping™ techniques for designing and crafting presentations. 
  2. Writing, creating and practicing material that is time-bound, value-packed and precise.
  3. Weaving in your own personality, your style to increase impact and rapport in speaker-audience dynamics. 
  4. Self-evaluation and consistent, positive, feed-backing methods that lead to self-mastery and self-motivation
  5. Use and importance of eye contact, gestures and body language to maximize impact.
  6. Reading levels of transfer and impact through analysis of audience’ gestures, interaction and body language.
  7. Mastering and managing all kinds of visual aids and props.
  8. Using Mind Mapping™ memorize, stay flexible and adjust content as interactions evolve.


The workshop is 70% practice in small and large groups with continuous one on one feedback. The 30% lecture is to put across the concept of visual thinking vis a vis Mind Mapping

Target Audience

Senior to upper level managers who want to excel in persuading with ease, effectiveness and élan.


You will learn.