The HeART of the CLOSE, Coaching Your Sales Teams

If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level…this workshop will bring you there!


Sales coaching when combined with interactive training and real exposure to the field makes for really powerful sales champions and teams. Setting the correct, measureable goals and then holding sales executives accountable makes the whole management process productive and easy.

In this session, taken from the book the HeART of the CLOSE, understand, adapt and act out the finer nuances of powerful and empowering coaching.

Learning Objectives

  1. Adapt the frame-work and the practices of coaching.
  2. Enhance personal listening, questioning and presence skills.
  3. Reinforce the behavior and motivation of peak performers
  4. Confront difficult situations with confidence and compassion.
  5. Gain a deeper and wholistic understanding of systems and systems thinking.
  6. Understanding Mental Models of Individual and Teams
  7. Managing Personal Perspectives and Emotions
  8. Reframing Team Relationships, Overcoming Conflict
  9. Driving Diverse People towards a Shared Vision


  1. Clear Purpose and Objectives 
    1. Enhanced Awareness and Sensory Acuity     
    2. Finding Quiet Ground
  2. Managing Perceptual Positions
  3. The Five I’s of Mindful Listening
  4. Recognition and Respect for Diversity and Change
  5. Eagerness and Ability to Learn and Innovate
    1. The 5R Questioning Toolbox 
  6. Rationale and Benefits of Coaching 
  7. Revisiting the HeART of the Close Concepts
    1. Envision Success
    2. Enumerate Resources
    3. Engineer the Process
    4. Empower and Energize
    5. Evaluate Performances
  9. Setting Goals, Seeking Accountability
  10. Aligning visions and setting individual and Team Goals.

Managing Change from Whole, Interconnected Perspectives.