The HeART of the CLOSE, Nuances of Negotiaton

If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level…this workshop will bring you there!


 All negotiations, at any level, are a necessity and, for many, a way of life. Negotiation skills are an art and a science which can be mastered for success in all people and business interactions.

In this Neuroscience influenced, highly interactive workshop you will learn how to influence your client’s  perception of cost, value and benefits. You will learn how to be a suave and a subtle influencer who consistently plays win-win.

Learning Objectives

  1. Build rapport and trust effectively and efficiently
  2. Understand and use fruitfully the dynamics behind interactions
  3. Ask powerful questions that evoke empowering responses
  4. Discern accurately between needs and wants of both sides.
  5. Influence the customer’s perception about your product’s costs, benefits and value.
  6. Build confidence skills and maintain mastery over negotiations 
  7. Navigate Negotiations as win-win for both sides.
  8. Increase the ratio of closed deals and contracts over shorter spans of time.


  Thought-provoking and highly interactive, this workshop is full of structured learning exercises, improvisational games, role-plays and small and large group interactions drawn from the school of Nuero Linguistic Programming.



  1. Communication Skills
    1. Active and Observational Listening
    2. Reading Body Language and Recognizing 
    3. Congruence/Incongruence 
  2. Introduction to NLP Principle
    1. Nine presuppositions of NLP
    2. Sensory Acuity and Enhancement
    3. How to Mirror, Pace and Lead
    4. Anchoring and the Creation of Emotional Buy In
  3. Nuances of Negotiating
    1. Employing Subtle Influencing Skills and Structured Planning Tools
    2. Sustaining Relationships with Aggressive Buyers even in Critical Situations
    3. Staying Detached about the Outcome but in Control


  1. Increase employee engagement through improved conversations.
  2. Share knowledge across roles and functions with ease and elaan.
  3. Build and sustain a culture of creativity and compassion.
  4. Influence and inspire peer groups and all stakeholders positively.
  5. Lead teams with creativity and compassion.

Target Audience

 All those in sales, purchase and marketing irrelevant of the fact that you are new to the profession or an enigma in the field.