Armi Cortes

Sales and Marketing
Director, Marketing
Brand Development
30 Years

Personal Experience

Armi Cortes, a professional and passionate sales and marketing specialist, makes sure that Inner Sun, Inc., delivers what it promises in all aspects of its service and commitment. Conscious of how brands evolve and blend in with customer needs and expectations she dedicates herself to aligning the conceptualization, the creation of all content that Inner Sun, Inc., puts out into the market.

For this she taps into her experience as the Executive Managing Director for Institutional Marketing and Assistant Professor marketing management, leadership, and I.T. at the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines.

Professional Skills

Sales and Marketing Management
55 %
Business Strategy and Operations
35 %
Consulting and Training
30 %

Early Years

Her early years were spent crunching numbers and honing her entrepreneurial skills with financial institutions and investment consultants.

Prior companies that she worked with were Citibank NA (Global Finance), PhilEquity Fund Inc., and Philippine Development Bank of the Philippines (First E-Bank).

All in all, she has 30 years of experience in management, marketing, sales, operations, corporate affairs and training.


Current Career

Besides being the Sales and Marketing Consultants to Inner Sun, Inc.,  Armi H. Cortes is the VP-Sales and Marketing at Manila Ocean Park and Hotel H2o,  owned by China Oceanis Phils Inc. She is responsible for marketing and sales, corporate affairs and education/CSR programs for the theme park and hotel business. She also provides management assistance to the restaurant, bar and leasing business units of the company, and handles the training requirements of the marketing and sales teams.

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