Raju Mandhyan

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20 Years

Personal Experience

Raju Mandhyan has been on the coaching, consulting circuit for over twenty years across Asia Pacific.

A former mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and now an educator he has written five books on business communications and enterprise leadership.

His words and his work are inspired by NLP, the neurosciences and facilitative processes like Systems Thinking and the School of Improvisation and Authentic Influence©

In the past, he has headed organizations like the Philippines India Business Council, Association of Appreciative Inquiry and the International Association of Facilitators, Philippines.

When he is not coaching or consulting, he likes to do yoga, laugh a lot, watch old westerns and play with his supremely needy but a loving black Labrador called Shadow.

Professional Skills

Inspiring Keynotes
79 %
Facilitating Learning
75 %
Appreciative Coaching
71 %

The Value Propositions

Rac·on·teur they called him in his early days as a professional speaker.Today he still believes that nothing stirs up the impaginations and the intentions of his learners and listeners than a powerful truth wrapped up in the rainbows, rhythm and rhyme in a great story.He works hard and passionately to craft INSPIRING KEYNOTES and makes sure that they succint, relevant and memomarable in a life-changing way.

Never a dull moment they say about his abilities at FACILITATING LEARNING because he utilizes multiple and creative processes to unleash group wisdom for the benefit of the group itself.

Questions are the answers he claims. Powerful, non-intrusive and appreciative questions do for a client what morning sunshine and a drizzle does for flowers. They unleash beauty, strengths and create optimistic empowerment. Inspired by the neurosciences and Appreciative Inquiry this is what he calls APPRECIATIVE COACHING.


Career Highlights

Author of 5 successful books on Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship

Delivered over 500 keynote presentations in the APAC region.

Veteran of over 350 in depth interviews of global leaders on www.expatinsights.com

Trained to train by the American Management Association, Buzan World of Mind Mappers, National Federation of NLP and others.

Facilitated sessions at the PSTD 2003,2005; ARTDO 2005 and ASTD Chicago in 2010.

Distinguished Toastmaster and National Champion of Evaluations in 2005, Philippines.

Highest Rated Speaker for Public Seminars by Salt & Light Ventures in 2012/13

Pupil and devoted practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry. Former President of the Association of Appreciative Inquiry, Philippines.

Regular contributor to CEO Refresher, Hong Kong Business and Business World, Philippines.

Annual presenter at the Dubai HR Summit every November

Annual presenter at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai, India every February since 2015.

Annual presenter and HR Awards Judge at World HR Summit, Dubai, UAE since 2016

Founder, President Emeritus of the International Association of Facilitators-IAF Philippines.

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