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Who We Are

When Motivated We Are Good When Obsessed We Are Great

We absolutely love what we do and what it co-creates with you as partners.

Many times we stop halfway through to check if it is pleasure that we are indulging or work. All the time we are unable to tell the difference.

Developing People and Organizations since 2001

A bunch of mindful mavericks, primary consultants with a combined experience of over 100 years. We hail from backgrounds of Philosophy, Industrial Psychology, Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Gamification, and the Fine Arts

We are dedicated to being by your sides when you find your way into your ideal future through interactive and insightful facilitation.

Our core belief as individual consultants and as a team is that there is no nobler a purpose than to bring the world from where it is to where it wants to go: from darkness to light; from current realities to desired states.

Yes, it is true that when we immerse into a creative process and a project we need to often stop and check if we working hard or plain living out our passion. The answer usually, is the latter.